What Does Premium Membership Get Me?

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Candidate Premium Membership

Choose Who Has Access To Your Profile: Confidentiality is key. Only employers you give access to may view your profile and your experience.

Connection Request: Send Connection Requests to Employers that are going to benefit your career and growth!

Video Profile: Record your own Video to strengthen your Profile so Employers can virtually assess you better!

Real-Time Offers: Job Offers Sent Directly To You. Manage and receive your employment offers directly on the app. Be in control of your career and the options you have.

Job Interviews: Propose what time works for you and coordinate with employers to get you in the door!

Video references: Upload Video References so you can have People who vouch for your Past Performance talk about it !

Unlimited access to Employers postings: Get Live Notifications When Employers Near You Are Looking For Your Talent.

Real-Time Chat with Employers: Ability to Chat with Employers whom you give access to view your profile and your experience!

Resources and Services: Unlock Professional Career Coaching Services and Resources that can help with Interview preparation, Resume Writing, Scholarships

Employer Premium Membership

Connection Requests: Send Connection Requests to Job Seekers that are going to benefit your career and growth!

Live connection acceptance with top sales candidates: With First String, you can be the first to establish a connection with qualified prospects and hire them!

Schedule interview times in-app: Simplify the interview process with the ability to schedule interviews and provide interview details within the app First String. This makes the scheduling process easier for both you and the candidate!

Real Time Offers: Seamlessly send employment offers to top candidates.

Video Profile: View candidate’s Video Profile to assess them better and to hire the top sales candidates

Unlimited Job Postings: Post Unlimited Jobs on the FirstString platform and find the right set of candidates.

Secure Chat: Chat with candidates in a live and secure in-app message platform

Recruiter Premium Membership

Secure Posting of Candidates: Your top vetted candidates are YOUR business. Know that your work and profiles are confidential and only accessible by those you give access to. Import candidates on the FirstString platform using our CSV Import engine.

Post screening notes of your vetted candidates for employers: Your screening notes are valuable. There is a lot of work that goes into vetting candidates and you should be compensated for it! Only you and employers will have access to these notes to help smooth the hiring process.

Get consistent updates on the progress of your candidates: With First String, we have implemented the ability to track your candidates’ progress. Don’t let there be any confusion with where your candidate stands in the hiring process.

Keep Track of Candidate’s Interviews: Get Notified when any of your vetted Candidates have an Interview scheduled with any of the Potential Employers.

Real-Time Offers: Get Notified when any of your vetted Candidate receives a Job offer from a Company.