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At First String we offer a very unique and extraordinarily successful service regarding high school and Colleges students who are interviewing for scholarships, entrance into US Military Academies, Graduate programs, Law School or Medical School. We have proven to save our clients an average of $100,000 reference their undergraduate education costs when they are given the opportunity to compete for full academic scholarships.
We scientifically customize the approach we use for each individual student and teach, effective, success-oriented communication skills that will help them accomplish their goals and serve them for a lifetime of achievement.


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Hear from each of these candidates who received full-rides to their choice colleges!

“Several years ago I was honored to be selected as a candidate for the Stamps President’s Scholars Program, a full-ride scholarship at the Georgia Institute of Technology. At the time, I had many activities and involvements from high school but no knowledge for how to express myself, my involvements, goals, and ambitions for life. I was fortunate to have a close friend, Barry Jones, who specializes in this area. With his help, I learned how to navigate the interview process and how to express myself in the best light. He showed me how to research and learn about the program I was interviewed for and how to align my thoughts and actions in a manner to closely represent an ideal Stamps Scholar. He taught me how to have a flowing conversation with interviewers, how to make myself memorable by building stories to describe myself, and how to exhibit my confidence and ambition in a respectful manner. A few weeks later, after several interviews and a weekend on campus, I was grateful to be offered this full-ride scholarship. Now, several years later, I’ll graduate debt-free, and I’ve experienced benefits and an atmosphere that have no price tag. The skills that Barry helped me learn will serve for more than a single interview though; they’ve helped in numerous interviews and situations since that time and will continue to be skills I use for the rest of my life. ”

– Daniel Smith


“Working with Barry was incredibly helpful to my development in interviewing, communication, and understanding myself. I was constantly challenged to analyze myself from a variety of viewpoints and interpretations. I know that the practice I did over the phone and in-person was instrumental in my interview process and allowed me to succeed as well as I did. I will carry the lessons and concepts with me forever.”

– James Matchette


Barry Jones was referred to us by one of his first clients who is soon to graduate from the United States Air Force Academy. We can say without hesitation that (a) we saw a difference in our son’s interview skills and (b) these skills will last him throughout his life. Barry helped James verbalize his accomplishments and present himself in a positive and humble manner. He also helped James streamline his thought processes and organize his thoughts into a coherent whole. This definitely boosted James’ confidence for the many interviews he had. James’ results speak for Barry’s effectiveness: James received Appointments to 3 of the 4 Service Academies he applied to.

– James’ Father


“Mr. Jones played a large role in helping me organize and utilize my leadership experiences into well-polished, professional interview responses that allowed me to connect with my interviewers at a deeper level than my fellow candidates. After spending several hours together for an in person session as well as over the phone follow ups, I felt fully prepared for any professional level interview and was subsequently never surprised by any question asked in a Service Academy interview again. Additionally I have found that the interview “toolbox” Mr. Jones equipped me with has proven beneficial for many leadership interviews while at the Air Force Academy. I would give Mr. Jones my highest recommendation to anyone seeking to take their Service Academy admissions prep to the next level.”

– C1C Harrison Booth, U.S. Air Force Academy