Professional Career Coaching Services

Andy Deufel

Andy Deufel, PCC

Professionally, I currently own my own coaching practice, Aspire Coaching. I primarily work with individuals in employment transition and organizations wanting leadership development support. Prior to becoming a certified professional coach three years ago, I spent 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry in a variety of sales and marketing roles. My love of coaching people has led to my involvement with The Net, a local non-profit focused on the needs of the homeless community and those suffering in poverty. I also provide volunteer coaching services through the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department specific to the Re-entry program at the Green Bay Unit of the Tarrant County Jail System. And finally, I recently became a Board member of the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation (JEHF). The mission of the JEHF is to eradicate suicide by funding depression research, creating awareness through education, erasing stigma, and providing hope to those who are struggling in silence. I feel strongly about balancing my business interests with giving back to the larger, local community.