Outplacement Services

#1 Outplacement Services Include:

  1. Resume / Cover letter writing
  2. Launching a job search (networking, social media, etc.)
  3. Focusing your search on what opportunity fits you best (Strength Finder scoring and personal coaching).
  4. Interview Prep and Coaching (phone, face to face, field ride, final)
  5. Closing a-propriety and effectively
  6. Communicating with the hiring company
  7. Building your professional portion on our Digital platform for maximum exposure
  8. Negotiating offers: Salary, IC, equity and relocation packages


WE ALSO OFFER CUTTING EDGE STRATEGIES OFFERED TO TRANSFORM THE INDIVIDUAL TO EXCEL AT THEIR NEXT CHALLENGE. Do you ever ask yourself what’s missing? The only thing that is certain in life is that life is uncertain and full of change. How well you navigate through these changes in life will ultimately determine how successful, balanced, and fulfilled you will become. Here at First String & VonKohn Search Group, we embrace that corporations consist of unique individuals. To that end, we believe that an your potential matters and work diligently to accelerate the future of your dreams by offering our finest services not only at the corporate level, but also in a user friendly, cost-effective way to each person that we are privileged to meet.


  1. Development of a personal identity profile
  2. Career Transition strategies
  3. Personal/Professional Branding Strategies
  4. Resume Enhancement
  5. Job Campaign Management Initiatives
  6. Performance coaching
  7. Interview Prep/Coaching
  8. Honing verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills
  9. Business letter writing and follow-up strategies
  10. Interpersonal effectiveness
  11. Lifestyle Coaching. Life enhancement
  12. Work/Life Integration
  13. Financial Freedom strategies
  14. Health and Wellness consulting


Please let me know if we should have further discussion about these services.



We at First String & VonKohn Search Group are experts at bringing precision to organizational change. We help companies, from start-up to Fortune 500, plan corporate expansions, downsizings and restructurings. Our staff is very experienced in starting organizations from scratch from both the recruiting side and the company side. Where else will you find this type of experience? Additionally, our team will assess your current sales force utilizing our customized BPV diagnostic profiling tool. By measuring behaviors, personal attributes, and core values, this proprietary three-dimensional methodology proves to greatly enhance performance metrics within our clients’ organizations.


Corporate Offerings Include:


Sales Force Commercialization and/or expansion planning

  1. Timeline for hiring
  2. Screening guidelines
  3. Candidate Profiles
  4. Candidate evaluation parameters
  5. Candidate evaluation dimension grids
  6. Job Descriptions
  7. Offer extension process
  8. Candidate on-boarding process
  9. Territory assignments
  10. Process flow
  11. Hiring Manager Recruiting Toolkit
  12. Development of Corporate Sales Message
  13. Develop customized BPV Profile
  14. Candidate Recruitment
  15. Service guarantees
  16. Post Project evaluation
  17. Diversity Recruitment Initiatives


On-site Manager Training Sessions – Courseware included

  1. Candidate Evaluation Methodologies
  2. Three Dimensional Candidate Screening Tools
  3. Leadership Training
  4. Conflict Resolution Labs
  5. BPV Evaluation Metrics


Corporate Consulting Projects

  1. BPV Assessment of current employee base
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Team building strategies
  4. Corporate/Management communication strategies
  5. Management transitioning
  6. Think tank sessions