About Us

FirstString is the leading career technology company for nurturing the next generation of leaders in the workforce to find fulfillment and success. Our story begins with an UGA athlete and recruiting professional relentlessly determined to modernize the recruiting process to empower and elevate the collegiate athlete. We foster authentic connections between employers, universities and college athletes.



We reimagined the recruitment process for the digital age. We are on a mission to be the career technology company known for creating relationships with their pool of candidates and bringing humanity back to the hiring and job seeking process. We won’t stop until we’re on every student’s cell phone and university campus.



Our vision is to provide a seamless and innovative job search experience for the next generation of leaders. We hope to create a world in which college athletes have a pool of resources to successfully transition them into the working world and thrive in positions they love.

MEET The firststring TEAM

Our best-in-class team consists of business leaders, former athletes, and seasoned HR professionals who are driving innovation across our business.

Barry Jones Founder & CEO

The difference between making a living and making a difference is what drives Barry. He started his career as a military officer and then transitioned into the pharmaceutical industry to work for Johnson & Johnson.

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TYLER JONES Co-Founder & VP of Business Development

Tyler is a former Division 1 student athlete who competed for the University of Georgia on both the track team and served as a team captain for the cross-country team. As an athlete he found success through hard work, consistency, and leadership.

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MB Headshot
MARK BATTAGLIA Vice President, Operations

Mark is a technologist with 15 years experience working with data, systems and operations. He is passionate about leveraging emerging technology, data and AI to improve every day life.


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Francisco Maciel Chief Financial Officer

Francisco is an actuarian, consultant, teacher and investment banker with 30+
years corporate experience in the United States and various Latin American countries.

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Jeremy Sutton
Dr. Jeremy Sutton VP of Research and Development

Jeremy is a psychologist, writer, educator, and behavioral change consultant. He has a Ph.D. in performance and sports psychology, having spent six years researching endurance athletes’ mental toughness, motivation, personalities, and physiology.

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Saima Latif, PhD Scientific Advisory Board consultant

Dr. Latif’s career has spanned 20+ years. She is a licensed psychologist, coach, therapist, researcher and writer. Love for learning and a thirst to know more has remained throughout her life. Most of all she enjoys enabling others to benefit from her wealth of psychological knowledge and expertise.

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Anthony “Bo” Casella Vice President, Sales

A proven sales leader with 36+ years in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry. Competitive, Innovative, Inspiring, and Successful have been used to describe his leadership style.

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Whether you’re an employer looking to hire your next great candidate or a university looking to boost your job placement rate and support collegiate athletes in their job search, FirstString offers it all.