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The Firststring App

Modernizing The Recruitment Process For Collegiate Athletes

The FirstString mobile app combines the latest career-driven technologies with a humanized approach to foster authentic connections between employer, university, and student athlete.

The traditional college student recruitment process is broken, ineffective, and time-consuming.

0 %
of newly graduated students are underemployed
months on average to land their first job
0 %
of those college graduates leave their job in the first 6 months

Clearly college student job seekers aren’t set up for success. We’re rewriting the remote
hiring game to nurture talented student athletes across every stage of their job search – and
throughout the onboarding process.


Sourcing candidates is harder to tackle in a remote-oriented world. We enable you to connect and engage authentically with the next generation of leaders despite these new challenges.

Our mobile app is founded in science-based career testing to match you with ideal candidates faster – and more efficiently – than on-campus methods.

Leverage the latest innovations in recruiting technology like our video resumes to vet applicants efficiently before meeting.


Graduation rates are no longer the trophy to signal success. Boosting job placement rates among your athlete student body will give you a competitive edge and attract student applicants.

Competition is fierce amongst universities for attracting collegiate athletes. Stand out with the FirstString job recruitment platform.

Empower students to connect with leading companies authentically in a remote oriented world. Partner with our research department to uncover better techniques to light the appropriate career path for your students.

Job Seekers

You train for the BIG GAME on the field, we train you off the field. Access winning strategies through helpful tutorials to set you up for employment success.

FirstString will support you across every stage of the hiring process – from resume development, professional interview practices to career assessments to help you based on your needs.

Stand out from candidates with modern recruitment technology. Access a database of leading companies for employment that suits your needs.


Video Resumes

Videos are the industry standard for substituting in-person interactions in a remote-oriented world – and are still missing from the recruiting process. Put yourself instead of your resume in front of potential employers. Let us teach you how!

Science-Based Career Testing

Our platform incorporates powerful science-backed assessments to match employers and job seekers.Experience a faster and more efficient recruiting process that is driven by data and optimized by specific criteria set by the users.

Introductory Videos

FirstString elevates the recruiting process from flat resumes to showcasing a candidate’s personality through video. We also provide guidance to help job seekers craft compelling personal stories for their intro videos to employers.

Professional Interview Coaching

We provide a series of videos to guide job applicants throughout the entire recruitment process to coach athletes be their best when meeting potential employers.

Confidential Data Portal

Both the job candidate and employer can choose who sees their profile. You have access to a personalized portal that showcases your scheduled interviews, job offers, and more all in one platform.

Nationwide Networking

Our app connects employers and collegiate athletes across the country. This gives job seekers an opportunity to network with colleagues seamlessly and access to a higher standard of entry-level employment opportunities.



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