FirstString Partners’ Toolkit

At FirstString, we prioritize the welfare of both current and former Student-Athletes. In partnership with handpicked NIL agencies, we provide a comprehensive resource aimed at distinguishing your business for Student Athletes nationwide

Understand the Milestones to a successful launch

Below you will find recommendations on how to inform your clients about FirstString and the benefits of the partnership.

What is FirstString?

  • FirstString Description:
    FirstString is the Game-Changing Career Platform. We reimagined the recruitment process for candidates in a remote-oriented world. Our platform provides a seamless and transparent life skills, education and job search experience for the next generation of leaders. FirstString combines the latest career-driven technologies with a humanized approach to foster authentic connections between employers, universities, and job seekers.
  • FirstString App Features (All-In-One Recruiting Resource)
    – Personal Pitch Video
    – Video Resumes
    – Static/Video References
    – Strengthsfinder Assessment
    – Science-based Career Testing
    – Confidential Data Portal
    – Training Videos
    – Networking Portal
    – Interactive Recruitment
  • FirstString U Features (Education)
    – Training Center (Interview Preparation & Career Development)
    – Certifications
    – Access to Podcasts and Live Casts
    – Usage Reports and Tracking


Know The Benefits Of Working With FirstString

  • For Athletes
    FirstString is an All-In-One recruiting resource that showcases your experience and skills to Employers in a way that gives you a competitive advantage against other candidates. FirstString also connects you with career opportunities and allows you to be in more control of your job-seeking process.
  • For Employers
    FirstString gives you access to top candidates for employment. Save your business time and resources with our job recruitment process through video resumes, science-based job matching, and secure profiles. Say goodbye to a stack of 100 static resumes. With FirstString, you will have the ability to see 15 candidates in 15 minutes. Recruit efficiently and know your candidates better with FirstString.
  • NIL Agencies
    FirstString allows NIL Agencies to separate themselves from competitors by offering their athletes a holistic plan for career development. Using our platform, your athletes will be able to showcase themselves to Sponsors in a way that gives them a competitive edge. You will also be able to stay up-to-date with your athletes and their professional progress more efficiently. On top of this, you will be giving your athletes a resource that assists in landing a career when their playing days are over.
  • Sponsors
    Access top talent for sponsorship, internship, or employment opportunities nationwide.
  • For Universities
    FirstString is an extension to your career development staff at your University. We provide professional development education and job placement opportunities to your student athletes in a way that conforms to their busy schedule. We also allow you to track your student-athletes’ progress more efficiently and stay connected better with your alumni.

Rollout Call with FirstString Team to walkthrough how to use the systems

  • Learning how to Set Up FirstString
  • – Login / Uploading Videos & Resume / Brag Book / Connect to Employers
  • How to use FirstString U
    – Login / Access to Premium Video Content
  • How to give Student Athletes access to FirstString U (Premium)

Option 1

Reach out to your Student Athletes and Employers yourself regarding the partnership and resources with FirstString. Recommended Outreach to customers:

  • Email Marketing Campaign
    – Partnership Announcement (Could include Promotional Video or 1-Pager)
    – What is FirstString? Features & Benefits
    – FirstString Success Stories & Additional Resources
  • SMS Marketing Campaign


Option 2

Share your Student Athlete and Employer contacts for FirstString to contact regarding the new partnership and resources available. Revenue Sharing opportunities may be available with this option.

  • Let’s continue to grow together and learn the best ways FirstString may compliment your business. Our Partners and Clients are our top priority.
  • Support resources
    Email: [email protected]
    FirstString Representatives

Set Up FirstString + Learn how to use

Create Account

  • Download FirstString on the Appstore or Google play store.
  • Select “Create Account” and fill out the basic information


Complete your profile

  • Select “Create Profile” and Fill out basic profile information to get started
  • Upload a professional headshot or profile photo
  • Upload Introductory Video (You can do this later, but employers can select to only see candidates with Introductory Videos uploaded)
  • Upload Video Resume (You can do this later, but employers can select to only see candidates with Introductory Videos uploaded)
  • Upload your current location (City + State)
  • Upload Applicant Detailed Information
    – Experience Level
    – Preferred Geography
    – Upload Your Resume (Employers will not be able to see you until this is uploaded)
  • Scroll to the bottom of your profile and complete your “Brag Book” under “Profile Details” Upload the Following:
    – Awards or recognitions
    – Certifications (if any)
    – Additional resumes or documents (if any)
    – Additional pictures (Sports related or experience related)
    – Professional references/ letters of recommendation
    – Link social media accounts (optional)
  • Why does FirstString work better than job boards?
    Answer: FirstString allows your voice to be heard by showcasing your pitch video to prospective employers before someone can judge you by your resume alone to decide whether to interview you or not.
  • Will FirstString connect me with companies Hiring?
    Answer: That is our intention. To prepare you to win the job interview and expose you to opportunities.
  • What does it cost?
    Answer: We fit everyone’s budget. The basic app is Free. If you would like exposure to our quick, video-based learning platform where you learn amazing new skills to land great jobs, that is our Premium level at only $9.99 a month. If you want our guaranteed, Concierge/private coaching service, that guarantees you will get a job offer from one of the companies you have arranged to interview with that is $1,500.
  • How do I setup and complete my FirstString Profile?
    Very easy! You simply go to the App store or Google play store and download the FirstString app. You will be asked a series of questions to complete your profile from there!
  • Am I guaranteed employment?
    Answer: Our goal is your success. However, your success, just like in sports, is dependent on your personal commitment to do your part. We cannot guarantee you a job, but we can guarantee the things you learn will contribute significantly to the success of your life.
  • Is my “FirstString” account the same as my “FirstString U” Account?
    Answer: No, they are two separate accounts. FirstString is the app where your professional profile is kept and Employers review your potential. FirstString U is your video learning platform to teach you the skills on how to land a job and navigate successfully through your career.
  • What will make my profile stand out amongst other candidates/athletes?
    Answer: The amount of effort you put into it. If you have a good picture on your profile, a well thought out and rehearsed Pitch video and video resume, along with some ‘awards and recognitions’ content that reflects you as an entire person, you will have an excellent chance at standing out.
  • What does private coaching include?
    Answer:Private coaching is one-on-one personal attention from a professional. It includes walking you through the FirstString U content, helping you nail down an impactful ‘story.’ Then make sure you know the answers to most interview questions. Preparing you to win the job, hands down! Lastly, we help you negotiate your job offer and get your professional life moving forward with tips and tricks to getting noticed and promoted quickly.
  • Do other student-athletes get to view my profile?
    Answer: No, no other athlete will be able to view your personal profile.
  • When does my profile go live?
    Your profile goes live the minute you finish setting it up. However, you can choose to have your profile confidential, which allows only employers who you accept connection requests from to see your profile. Your profile will not be live and viewable to employers until you at least upload your resume.
  • How many jobs will I have access to?
    Answer: That is solely dependent on the needs of the employers that work with FirstString.
  • Can I use my FirstString Profile to apply on outside job boards?
    Answer: We encourage you to provide a link to the FirstString app to prospective job recruiters or employers with instructions to easily log on the app and preview your profile. Note: it is free for recruiters and employers to view your profile on the app.
  • Can employers see my profile on the app?
    At FirstString we respect your privacy and put you in control of who sees your professional profile. You can select to unmask your profile while initially filling it out. Or you can keep it private and only allow access to it when requested from Employers.
  • Why partner with FirstString?
    Answer: An alignment with FirstString separates you from all other NIL organizations. You will bring a three dimensional benefit to your clients rather than just one. FirstString allows you to offer them not only monetization management of their current situation but a safety net as well, ensuring they have the skills, coaching and opportunities necessary to start a successful life if their playing days end when they graduate.
  • Who uses FirstString?
    Answer: FirstString is used by current and former college and professional athletes to begin a career after their playing days are over. FirstString is also used by Companies nationwide to recruit top talent for employment opportunities.
  • What will my athletes receive?
    Answer: This depends on the choice of your contribution or the contribution of the collectives. Some choose to pay the small $9.99 a month premium fee for each athlete as a benefit for choosing to work with their organization. Some choose to pay the $1500 concierge’s/guaranteed private coaching service for their seniors. Others, just allow each individual athlete to select the Free, basic subscription or pay the other fees on their own.
  • Can all my athletes use FirstString?
    Answer: Yes, all of your current and former athletes are qualified to be on the FirstString app.
  • How much does it cost?
    Answer: We fit everyone’s budget. The basic app is Free for your athletes. If they would like exposure to our quick, video-based learning platform where they learn amazing new life skills to land great jobs, that is considered our Premium level at only $9.99 a month. If they want our guaranteed, concierge/private coaching service, that guarantees you will get a job offer from one of the companies you have arranged to interview with that is $1,500. The Conceirge’s service is one on one professional coaching that walks them through our entire educational process at their own pace and makes sure they know the answer to almost every interview question they will encounter. If they do not receive a job offer after at least three separate interviews, we will refund $1,000 dollars of the original $1500 charged.
  • What’s In It For Me?
    Answer: A competitive edge that no other NIL organization can compete with. You will be offering these talented young people a complete plan for interview preparation, career development, and a ticket to a successful remainder of their life beyond sports.

FirstString U

  • FirstString U is an online educational platform consisting of short microburst learning videos on various topics to give you a competitive edge in the interview process. This includes Phase 1: Landing the Job in the “Training Center.”
  • You can track your progress, receive certifications, view resourceful podcasts, join live webinars and more all in your FirstString U account.
  • What is included in FirstString U?
    Answer: FirstString U is an easy to navigate video learning experience that sets you apart from other candidates when interviewing for a job. You can walk through when it’s convenient for you and you have a spare 2 minutes or more. You learn at your own pace!
  • Does my login remain active after my subscription ends?
    Answer: Your login to the app will remain active, however your access to FirstString U will be suspended when your subscription ends.
  • Can I download the content for future use?
    Answer: FirstString U is a proprietary asset of FirstString so you will have access to it as long as your subscription is active.

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