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At FirstString, we connect driven and talented student athletes with their future employers.

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About FirstString

Success is in our blood. We’re co-founded by a UGA athlete and a recruiting professional. Our innovative app is built to preserve communication and connection in a changing, remote-oriented world, allowing talented job seekers to connect with their future employers easily, from anywhere. We give the leaders of tomorrow an opportunity today.

Job Seekers:

Coaching Talented Student Athletes

With a large and growing base of companies, our app has everything students need to navigate the hiring process remotely:

  • Gain a better understanding of the job. Strategize and build a playbook for success.
  • A coach to support with resume development, interview coaching, and training according to personality.


Building a Bridge to Top Talent

Our platform is built to give employers total control and transparency over their search for the next prospect:

  • Connect easily and remotely with top talent.
  • No more surfing, searching, or solely relying on expensive recruiting contracts.
  • More efficient and cost effective than on-campus recruiting.


Boosting Job Placement

Graduation rate is no longer a good metric for success.

We help ensure your students find the right career for them after graduation, boosting your job placement rate.

Student athletes are more than just a four-year stint — they’re alumni for life.

How the App Works

The FirstString app is full of unique features to help job seekers and employers connect seamlessly in a digital and remote-oriented age.

Live Notifications

Live notifications when employers near you are looking for candidates

Security & Control

Choose who has access to your secure profile

Applicant Tracking System

Consistent updates on the progress of candidates with our Applicant Tracking System

Streamlined Process

Streamlined screening & hiring process

Schedule interview times in‑app

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