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FirstString is a First-in-class, state-of-the-art employment application that for the First time can connect pre-screened, high-performing Life Sciences focused personnel directly to top tier companies.

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For Those Who Seek Opportunity And Don’t Just Wait For It

FirstString is a professional networking application for candidates and employers to seize recruiting opportunity. What does this mean? Well we know how difficult it is to find the right position for you in such a competitive job market. Or to hire that top talent. With the tools that First String provides, we strive to give you that competitive edge which will make you stand above the rest as an elite performer in the pharmaceutical sector.

Job Seekers Love FirstString

  • Completely confidential posting. No probable employer can see your profile unless you give them permission.
  • Live updates on relevant job opportunities with both start-up and established companies
  • Job offers made easy and sent directly to you in real time
  • Professional interview coaching

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Companies Love FirstString

  • Live connection acceptance with top sales candidates
  • Ability to schedule interview times in-app. No phone tag
  • Ability to send/ receive employment offers
  • Ability to chat with candidates in a live and secure message in-app

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Recruiters Love FirstString

  • Secure & confidential posting of candidates tied to your business in an elite pool of performers
  • Ability to post screening notes and ratings of your candidates for employers to see
  • Regular updates on your candidates progress (interviews, connection requests, etc.)
  • Be compensated fairly for your hard work and job placements

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for job seekers

Control Who Is Allowed To View Your Profile

Your career is your business. With FirstString you become the gatekeeper of what companies have access to your profile. Post your resume and make your next career moves with confidence.

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for companies

Simplify The Hiring Process

The hiring process can be a very slow, tedious and costly. Plane tickets, hotels and meal expenses can add up quickly when vetting prospective employees. Save time and money by choosing through FirstString’s pool of pre-vetted talent. View introductory videos, see their accomplishments and browse through their rewards.

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for recruiters

Increase Your Capacity For Placing Candidates

Trust among recruiters is a rare thing. Sharing good talent can be difficult. What happens to candidates who may have interviewed but did not get the job or that are excellent candidates, yet they do not have a contract with a company to place that person. With FirstString, you have access to a secure hub of top-tier candidates to fill competitive positions in the job market and get you compensated for it!

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for Start-Up or Expansions

Access To Expert & Experienced Critical Services

  • Analytics Services for forecasting/sales force and territory development and IC development
  • Financial services for the entire organization
  • An extensive network of successful, experienced industry personnel at all levels
  • Expert consulting on initial personnel buildout and sale force structure
  • Interim Training consultants

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Your Talent Deserves To Be Recognized

You’ve invested a lot in your career to be among the top of the pack. This is why you will love using First String as a recruiting compliment:

top talent access

Access to business networking with top companies/ candidates with live connection requests, interview scheduling and job offers.

financial resources

Third-party financial resources and solutions to keeping your family and wealth secure

introductory videos

Access to introductory videos that will give you a competitive edge and first impression on hiring managers and recruiters that no other platform offers.

hiring advocates

Ability to have a professional recruiter represent you and be your advocate

resume assistance

Resume assistance to help stand out to employers

pre-screened candidates

Ability for recruiters to post candidates they have already screened and identified as top tier individuals

Interview coaching

Interview coaching to help prepare you with confidence and strategies to make the best impression and land the job you want

make career moves

Connect with organizations that they have no current or prior relationships with when you are ready to make a career move

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